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Sean Flannery Mr. Bly English IVB 5/5/2014 Soma, Why is it? Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinate; those are the words that we think of after reading Brave New World and hearing soma. That is also what Mustapha says of soma. It's arguably the best tool the government has for controlling its population. It sedates, calms, and most importantly distracts a person from realizing that there's actually something very, very wrong the citizens of the World State are enslaved. Many of us wonder if, Marijuana or other cannabis related products could be used in our nation to maintain the same results as in Brave New World. This Mel-Gibson-in-The Patriot moment is not so effective, and mostly because of the way that soma enslaves its user’s happiness. Everyone is trapped by happiness. And those are some tough chains to break. Another thing to think about here is Mustapha's famous claim that soma is "Christianity without the tears." We get the "without the tears" bit, since a consequence-free high seems to speak for itself, but what does this drug have to do with religion? Well, as we've said, soma is an opiate that allows its users to be controlled. Brave New World seems to argue that Christianity functions in much the same way. It controls through pacification. It offers comfort, but at the expense of individuality. What do you think? In the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley the government tries to prevent its people from speaking freely and thinking by giving them soma, a legal drug that is available for them every day. Wouldn’t it also be easier for our government to manipulate its people and to know that there’s nothing left in their heads other than rainbows, pink butterflies and unicorns? Would the great leaders of our present world go this far to secure their office, and would there be happier, more peaceful lives for us? In the following essay we

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