Huts On The Beach: Chapter Review

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Mike Weissman Ms. Burgin 9th Grade English Honors 2/11/14 CHAPTER 3 1. This chapter is called “Huts on the Beach”, for Ralph is beginning to realize that shelter is one of the most important issues on the island. The children are having difficulty creating sufficient huts and this is causing their leader quite a bit of grief. It seems that the boys on the island are not focused enough to complete the fairly tedious job of building shelter. 2. Ralph criticizes Jack because the “hunters” are clearly not helping in the building of shelters in any way. Jack is spending all of his time attempting to catch a pig and, even though he has yet to be successful, he continues to commit his days to this job. Ralph has noticed…show more content…
Simon holds a separate persona from the other castaways in the story because he not only is the depicted “goody-goody” of the group, in that he always follows humane morals and is usually a sin-free, secluded person, he remains neutral in the conflict of civilization vs. savagery, and his bright eyes (besides Piggy’s glasses), also show an example of vision and truth. “’You’ve noticed, haven’t you?’ Jack put down his spear and squatted. ‘Noticed what?’ ‘Well. They’re frightened’ He rolled over and peered into Jack’s fierce, dirty face. ‘I mean the way things are. They dream. You can’t hear ‘em. Have you been awake at night?’ Jack shook his head. ‘They talk and scream. The littluns. Even some of the others. As if-‘ ‘As if it were a good island.’ Astonished at the interruption, they looked up at Simon’s serious face. ‘As if,’ said Simon, ‘the beastie, the beastie or the snake-thing, was real. Remember?’” (Golding 19) The previous quotation represents that Ralph wants to build shelters, because he knows that the kids are afraid—but all Jack wants to do is hunt. Would that have helped? We know that the boys themselves are the beast, but the boys don't. Maybe building huts would have helped them feel safe enough to keep Simon
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