Huswifery Essay

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Huswifery Poem Essay Much of Taylor’s work was not recognized when it was first written. One of his pieces of literature that has become well known is “Huswifery.” When most writers express their feeling and outlook on God it puts them in an awkward position. What makes Edward Taylor’s poetry unique is his relationship with God. In the poem “Huswifery”, by Taylor, he uses figurative language, analogies, diction, and repetition of the word “make” to show that individuals can attain religious grace through their own efforts versus the belief that some attain a free gift from God. Taylor uses figurative language, diction, and analogies throughout the poem. His main focus of figurative language is the use of an extended metaphor. From beginning to end he uses an extended metaphor to compare the simple task of weaving cloth to the gift of God’s salvation. Even though Taylor uses simple words to describe what is taking place, it gives the reader a vivid image of the task being taken on by the housewife. This metaphor expresses Taylor’s deep belief in God and daily life. Throughout the poem accounts are made of each part of a spinning wheel, adding to his metaphor. Each line sums up the idea of being a “Spinning Wheel Complete” (Taylor 39). Taylor describes the housewife as wool being made into majestic robes through the tools of God. Throughout the metaphor and poem she asks god to purify her and make her the center of her life so that she may be used for God’s will. The metaphor is used somewhat as a prayer to God asking for guidance so that eternal glory can be achieved. For example, this is expressed when “Make mine Affections thy Swift Flyers neate/And make my Soule thy holy Spool to bee” (Taylor 39). In this quote she is begging for God to lead her right direction and prepare her for what is to come. The poem begins with an analogy between the writer and a
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