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Hurricanes Hurricanes, also known as tropical cyclones, are low pressure storm systems that form on open water and feed on heat released when moist air rises. Hurricanes are recognized on radar by their distinct pin wheel shape. When hurricanes begin to take shape they are called a tropical storm. The word “tropical” is used because most of these storms are formed by the very warm water of the tropics. Hurricanes need the ocean’s water temperature to be about 80 degrees to a depth of about 150 feet. Another factor of the forming of hurricanes is the rapid cooling of the warm water vapors that were evaporated, which causes condensation (the second step of the water cycle). The third step of the water cycle is precipitation and that happens when too many water vapors are condensed and rain starts to fall. Humidity is also needed in the…show more content…
When the air is humid it means that there is moisture in the atmosphere and a low pressure system is likely to occur. Lastly, a formed tropical cyclone needs a pre-existing system of disturbed weather, although without circulation no cyclonic development will take place. The effects of a hurricane that makes landfall are determined by the category of the storm. Hurricanes are divided into five categories. Which category a hurricane is put under is decided by storm’s wind speed. The higher the category the more deadly the storm becomes. Large storms at sea cause huge waves that can roll over tanker ships and other top heavy vessels. The most powerful part of a hurricane is it’s eye wall. The eye wall is where the heaviest rain and the most powerful wind is located. It circles around the eye of the storm, which when in the center

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