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Why are Hurricanes Named? Hurricanes occur every year and sometimes two or three hurricanes can be active at the same time. Using names for these storms makes it much easier for meteorologists, researchers, emergency response workers, ship captains and citizens to communicate about specific hurricanes and be clearly understood. For that reason the World Meteorological Organization develops a list of names that are assigned in alphabetical order to tropical storms as the are discovered in each hurricane season. Names can be repeated after an interval of six years, but the names of especially severe storms are permanently retired from use. Recent and Future Hurricane Names: In the Atlantic Ocean, tropical storms that reach a sustained wind speed of 39 miles per hour are given a name, such as "Tropical Storm Fran". If the storm reaches a sustained wind speed of 74 miles per hour it is called a hurricane - such as "Hurricane Fran". So, hurricanes are not given names, tropical storms are given names, and they retain their name if they develop into a hurricane. The names used for recent and future Atlantic storms are listed in the table below. Names used for Atlantic Tropical Storms 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Alberto Andrea Arthur Ana Alex Arlene Beryl Barry Bertha Bill Bonnie Bret Chris Chantal Cristobal Claudette Colin Cindy Debby Dorian Dolly Danny Danielle Don Ernesto Erin Edouard Erika Earl Emily Florence Fernand Fay Fred Fiona Franklin Gordon Gabrielle Gonzalo Grace Gaston Gert Helene Humberto Hanna Henri Hermine Harvey Isaac Ingrid Isaias Ida Ian Irma Joyce Jerry Josephine Joaquin Julia Jose Kirk Karen Kyle Kate Karl Katia Leslie Lorenzo Laura Larry Lisa Lee Michael Melissa Marco Mindy Matthew Maria Nadine Nestor Nana Nicholas Nicole Nate Oscar Olga Omar Odette Otto Ophelia Patty Pablo Paulette Peter Paula Philippe Rafael

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