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How a Hurricane Begins The Equatorial trough is the area in the ocean in which the trade winds converge. It moves north and south with the seasons. This phenomena can not be explained by scientists. Hurricanes always form along or be the Equatoral trough but, never in it. In the Tropics warm air rises, cools, sinks and then returns to the equator with the trade winds. Once this air starts sinking it warms adiabatically. This produces and layer of high level air that is warmer than the air below it. This is called a high level temperature inversion. In this rising warm air is usually trapped. This cause storms to develop closer to the surface of the Earth. If a storm is growing vigorously, and is being pushed up by unusually strong winds, then there is a possibility of it breaking through the low lying air. This causes a Tropical depression, that can be up to 40,000 feet tall. For a tropical depression to grow further into a hurricane, there must be low pressure at the surface accompanied by high pressure at an altitude of about 56,000 feet. This forms an anticyclone Constant vertical moving air feeds the anticyclone. This causes the air to circulate around the high and low pressure areas. In the northern hemisphere the air turns clockwise around the high pressure, and counterclockwise around the low pressure areas. the directions are reversed in the Southern hemisphere. This event is called cyclone circulation. The wind continues to strengthen until the pressure between the high and the low pressure areas can accelerate no further. It then rises until it meets the anticyclone. The anticyclone (turning clockwise) pushes the rising air outwards away from the center. By removing the rising air more air is drawn upwards. This forces the surface's atmospheric pressure fall. This fall in pressure need not be great. The average sea-level pressure is 1,016mb.

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