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Scenario On August 29, 2005 the Golf States were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The states that were affected by the hurricane were Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Although hurricane Katrina hit most of the Golf Coast, this research paper was focused on the City of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina was so powerful that when it hit Louisiana it breached the levees of New Orleans and flooded much of the city. As people were watching the impact from hurricane Katrina on television, thousands of people of New Orleans were stranded on their rooftops. Within 24 hours, Americans found out that most of the people that were stranded were poor and black. The people of New Orleans, after being flooded out of their homes, had to relay on the city, state, and federal government who didn’t take the threat of the hurricane seriously and prolonged their efforts to dispatch rescuers. Author’s Curiosity The Author Eliza Hubbard, curiosity is why was this out of the norm? Was there no sense of urgency to help those that were stranded? She is curious if all branches of the government thought the people of New Orleans were not worthy to be helped. Eliza Hubbard wondered why government and private agencies did not act in a swift manner. She writes “there have been lesser emergencies around the world where the United States deployed assistance immediately.” Author’s Inquiry The author is investigating if the outcome of hurricane Katrina is racially motivated. She brought up the question “if the scenario happened in a white, affluent area, would help have been deployed immediately?” She if referring to the fact that it took all levels of the government an extensive amount of time to help the people of New Orleans. Because the city of New Orleans is in the south which has deep racists’ roots, Eliza Hubbard research question asks: Was the lack of the U.S, Government’s

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