Huntsville Course Project – Week 6 Essay

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Professor Donald George PM586 February 10, 2012 Huntsville Course Project – Week 6 Organizational Structure and Self Reflection Essay Organizational Structures Essay The Huntsville project is considered a Matrix Organizational Structure. It is classified as such since the preliminary project team for SEITZ Corporation consists of strong functional leaders - Steve Pokorski, the VP of Operations; Joe Downs, the Director of Plant Engineering; Rhonda Smith, the regional sales manager; and Mary Doonan, the marketing director; and a Project Manager has been brought on board to manage, control, and facilitate the project. For this project, the functional managers have authority over their subordinates assisting with the project with tasks such as creating a pre-production/production plan, recruiting plant personnel, starting distribution and more. The project manager regulates the development and is apart of almost every task throughout the duration of the development. With the matrix organizational structure, team members are utilized more efficiently by having them assigned to several tasks and utilizing them for a percentage of the task. It is also easier to share resources within this project since the core functional experts are utilized. The project manager will not have to worry about the equipment needed or were to install it, performing a pre-production/production run or even beginning distribution. These tasks will be the responsibility of the functional managers. There is also improved communication, allowing for timely problem identification and conflict resolution (Gido, p. 443). The only disadvantage with the matrix organizational structure is that team members have to report to more than one manager at the same time – the functional manager and the project manager. The functional organizational structure has the advantages of not

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