Hunting the First Hominid- Pat Shipman

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“Hunting the First Hominid” Pat Shipman Hunting the First Hominid, Pat Shipman is focused on finding the first hominid. Anthropologists are in hopes of finding the earliest ancestors to identify why humans are the way they are. He wants to answer such questions as to how people became and evolved. Shipman had many main ideas; fossils discovered in different parts of world helping us to slightly distinguish between hominids and apes, features that differentiate apes from humans, although it may be slightly difficult, as well as the two trophies of the bipedal hominid, Aripithecus ramidus kadabba and Orrorin. The article was a difficult read with a target audience of anthropologist or people interested in the topic. Shipman made a simple article into a difficult one by the phases and terms he used throughout the article. Although these two previous opinions bothered me as a beginner on the topic it was well written with few faults, but surely will appeal to the interest of his targeted audience. According to the article humans are similar to apes with similar genetic makeup, but it’s slightly difficult to distinguish because it gives geneticists false thinking of evolutionary changes within apes and humans. It’s because there are various types of hominid and ape ancestries that came from a common stem, as well as so many different factors to consider. Before going into details about paleoanthropologist and their discovery Shipman offered witty humor and unanswered questions, “Why hominids or any other groups arose is such a metaphysical question that most paleoanthropologists run away screaming when it is asked.” I asked myself the question, how anything arose in this world or universe even, after seeing such statement. Do I believe we evolved from other species such as apes or their family? At any rate, what would ‘we’ look for? How would ‘we’ know the first

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