Hunting Research Paper

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Kyle Carney January 30, 2012 Theme #4 Period 6 Laws Hunting is a common sport in the U.S.. Hunting requires a lot responsibility. There is a law stateing that anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to hunt without supervision. I disagree with that law for many reasons. But I'll only give you three. The reasons I hate that law is because it stresses my dad out, it does'nt teach me responsibility, and third there's more chances I could get a deer. My first reason why I would like the…show more content…
So I miss out on going that day. thats my first reason. My second reason why I like the law changed is because it does'nt teach me responsibility. Hunting rquires a lot of responsibility and if we go with are parents I dont think we will learn as much as if we went on are own. If your with an adult then I think you are more likely to fool around and get hurt or get someone else hurt. but if I was by myself I would have more responsiblity because I would'nt want to get hurt. Also if I get a deer it teaches me how to do something on my own instead of putting it to the side and waiting for someone else to do it. And thats my second reason. My third reason why I want the law to be changer is it gives me a better chance to get a deer. this change alows me and my friends to hunt all spread apart. It keeps us spread out away from each other. You might think this is
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