Hunting Is Good

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Topic: Hunting is a good thing Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that hunting helps in many ways. Thesis statement: The need of hunters is important due to the effects they have on economy, environment and society. I. Introduction A. Attention Material/Credibility: I still run into people who think that hunting is not environmental. I’d like to make you consider what would happen without any hunters in North America. B. I am sure that some of you think that it is cruel to kill animals by hunting nowadays. C. I am going to show you why hunting is beneficial to the environment and our society. II. Body A. 1) Firstly, consider the decrease of hunters in the population. The proportion of hunters in the general population has declined massively over the last four decades. Data gathered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service show that only five percent of Americans which equals to 13 million individuals—consider themselves hunters today, down from nine percent in 2001 and 15 percent in 1996. 2) Yet people who hunt and fish contribute a lot to the economy by spending on licenses, guns, fishing equipment, and the costs of lodging, travel, and other services related to hunting. B. 1) Now, why do I say it is good to have hunters? Basically, because the hunting community ensures that wildlife populations follow from one generation to the next. This requires that a diversity of natural areas kept intact, unpolluted, and clean. Hunters support all those actions that keep the environment in a better overall. 2. The taxes from hunting activities go to the states or to the federal government to help them keep the green zones clean, managing and maintaining parks and wildlife areas. Also, by conducting surveys and researches the government is helped to determine the status of species in the environment. So, hunters contribute in a big way to keep natural
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