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Hunters in the Snow Essay

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  • on November 19, 2012
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“Hunters in the Snow” written by Tobias Wolff was published in 1981. Wolff created three believable characters Frank, Tub, and Kenny who go hunting with tragic results. Throughout the story each character changes emotionally. By the end of the story we get a clear understanding of who each character is and their problems.
The three main characters are Tub, Kenny, and Frank. The story begins with Tub waiting on Kenny and Frank. They embark on the same hunting trip as always. They never plan to catch anything, just time spent together. This time it was different. Kenny and Frank were making comments about Tub and his weight, Kenny was saying mean things more often, and Frank was just laid back. The story reaches its peak when Tub shoots Kenny by accident. Tub and Frank constantly tells Kenny he’s on his way the hospital, but wind up stopping in a diner and a roadhouse were the two bonds. The story ends with them driving in a direction that is opposite to the one of the hospital.
Tub is the first character that is introduced. Tub, who is fat, the butt of the jokes, and is slower than the rest of the group. He constantly tells people that he has a gland problem knowing that he doesn’t. When first reading this story, the reader sympathize Tub. He’s standing outside in the cold waiting on Frank and Kenny. When they finally pull up Kenny almost run over Tub and start to taunt him. After the taunting Tub finally gets fed up. He tells Frank how take up for him. Never did they ever think that Tub would be the one they depend on.
Kenny, who’s too honest and tries to be the tougher one of the group, he gets a laugh out of belittling others. You get a first glance when he tells he looks like a giant beach ball. “…He looks just like a beach ball with a hat on, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he, Frank?” (86). All the while Kenny never knows that Tub would be the cause of his demise. Frank and Tub had put up with Kenny so long that this is all Kenny knows. He couldn’t imagine his self...

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