Hunters In The Snow

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The Theme of Masculinity in “Hunters in the Snow” In the short story “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff, three friends named Tub, Kenny and Frank are out hunting in the wilderness. Like many men they joke around and have their own personal secrets. Most of the time these friends act just as they are, like men. Frank and Kenny always ridicule Tub about his weight. Also, at the end of the story there is a surprising twist. Tobias Wolff portrays the men in his story with his own idea of masculinity. At the beginning of this short story, Tub, Frank and Kenny go out to hunt. Kenny shows he has control and power by almost running over Tub with his truck when they pick him up. They get to the woods after driving a while and have a very unsuccessful hunting trip. When they find tracks, they ask the owner of a house if they can hunt on his property but again no luck. As they walk back to the truck Kenny is so frustrated about their unsuccessful hunting trip, he shoots a fencepost, a tree and the house owners’ dog. Tub is so appalled by the actions Kenny has taken, that he goes and shoots Kenny in the stomach, after Kenny says, “I hate you,” to Tub. Frank and Tub decided to take Kenny to the hospital. In the second half of the story, Frank and Tub put Kenny in the back of the truck and drive 50 miles to the hospital. They stop twice, though, to warm up because there is a hole in the windshield of the truck and it’s snowing. They stop even though Kenny may be freezing or bleeding to death in the back of the truck. At the first stop, Frank tells Tub he has been having an affair with a fifteen-year-old babysitter and he is thinking about leaving his wife and children for her. Tub is shocked but supportive of Frank. At the second rest stop Tub tells Frank that he does not have a problem with his glands he just eats excessively all the time. Frank orders
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