Hunter River Estuary Essay

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Profile of the Hunter Catchment The Hunter River drains the largest coastal catchment in New South Wales, covering some 22,000 square kilometres. It supports a great diversity of land uses, industries and urban settlements, with agriculture, power generation and tourism some of the largest contributors to the regional, state and national economies. Activity 1 Access the following website to answer the questions below: 1. Identify the name of your local river catchment and the mountain ranges that border around it. The Hunter River Estuary catchment is bordered in the north-west by the Liverpool Ranges, to the west by the Great Dividing Range, and to the north and north-east by Mt…show more content…
Name another major river that joins the Hunter and locate which sea into which the Hunter River flows. Goulburn River 4. Cut and paste a map of the Hunter River Estuary into this document. 5. Outline 3 reasons why it is important to protect the Hunter River Estuary from environmental harm. The Hunter River Estuary is an important site for migratory shorebirds and home to a range of fish and crustaceans. The Lower Hunter region is part of a transition zone for many plant and animal species between the sub-tropical influences of the north and the cooler conditions of the south. As a consequence the vegetation and fauna species is unique to neighboring regions. 6. List some human activities that are creating an impact on the water quality of the Hunter River Estuary. The Hunter River is experiencing increasing pressure from agricultural activities, mining and urban development. Water quality is affected by continued urban expansion, with urban diffuse, rural diffuse pollution and riverbank erosion. Newcastle is recognized as having the greatest potential for future port expansion and population growth in NSW, and is therefore a strategically important region for improved coastal zone

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