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Hunger Of Memory Essay

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  • on November 27, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Hunger Of Memory" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Swayne Francis                                                                                                                               English 12

                                                                  Hunger of Memory

In the text “Hunger of memory” the author Richard Rodriguez writes about his life as a Mexican decedent, who was born and raised in America. When Rodriguez was a kid, he experiences the difficulty of the transaction from speaking Spanish to learning and speaking English. He was taught Spanish by his parent, which became his first language but being that he was living in America and attending school meant that he had to learn English. Rodriguez parents were Mexican emigrants who were fluent in Spanish and rarely spoke English, so they had difficulties communicating with Richard in English. Rodriguez realized that living in America meant that he would have to become fluent in English despite the culture of his family because it was the only way he could become a legit member of the American society.
Richard Rodriguez dramatic Americanization affected his relationship with his family because while pursuing his public identity, which was becoming an English speaker and a permanent member of the American society, meant that he would lose the connection that he had with his family when he was only speaking Spanish. When Richard started school his teacher instantly realize that Richard and his brother and sister had a serious problem learning and speaking English, so his teachers decided among themselves that something has to be done. Richard teacher went to his house one day to pay his parents a visit and to observe Richard private life at home. They realize that his family wasn’t communicating to Richard in English at home, so the teachers ask Richard parents to do so because that is the only way that Richard and his brother and sister would learn English. Richard parents agreed with his teacher and they also thought that their...

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