Hunger Issues in America

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Hunger Issues in America Hunger is the most least talked about issue in America. How many people know that one in six people and one in five children often wonder where their next meal will come from. In fact one in six Americans do not have access to enough food, including children and seniors according to Feeding America Facts. Knowing that these issues exist in one of the richest countries in the world is mind-boggling. Our country is willing to help other countries with their hunger issues instead of helping our own people in the United States of America. When people think hunger they think about people in Africa, like the “Save the Children” commercials. Congressional leaders and many of us people don’t think about the starving in America. Many families may have fallen on hard times or may even have disabilities that won’t allow them to work. Relying on government assistance may not always be enough to provide for a whole family. So what is there left to do? Many have fallen to drugs, which allow them to escape from their problems; others go out and commit crimes just to provide for their family. They’re many hunger issues in America, awareness must be raised fixing one issue at a time. As many of us thinks about hunger issues in America, we often overlook the families that work and are still struggling to put food on the table. 36% of the households served by Feeding America have one or more adults working, but they still can’t make ends meet (Feeding America). My mom is a single parent of two. My mom and I both have jobs but are still struggling to put food on the table, due to bills and loans. She went as far as applying for Food Stamps, but was quickly denied due to her large income. You never know people’s circumstances, so for the Food Stamps program to deny my mother and not even ask questions about our situation was just sad. I know being denied Food
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