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Megan Marko November 17, 2011 In part three of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the seventy-fourth hunger game begins. In the arena, Katniss grabs supplies from the Cornucopia, then heads toward the woods, listening to the eleven cannon shots counting the dead. The second night, the Gamemakers make a fire and Katniss is hit by a fireball, but finds a pond to cool off in. She hears the other tributes and escapes to a tree, but they see her. That night, while the other tributes are below, Katniss notices Rue in a tree next to her, who points to a tracker jacker nest above her. Katniss knocks down the branch and it breaks open around Peeta and the others. They swarm them, and all but Glimmer and another girl run away. Katniss is stung a few times, but she knows she needs to get the bow and arrows from Glimmer, and she does. Peeta warns Katniss to get away, so she runs, but then falls and blacks out. Rue finds Katniss, and they form an alliance and plan to take out the career tributes' food supply. Katniss reaches the tributes’ camp and realizes that the ground around the food is booby trapped. She shoots at a bag of apples above the mines and is blown back from the explosion, which damages her ear. Katniss hears a scream in the woods and finds Rue tangled in a net and then is shot by a tribute. Katniss then kills the boy and cuts Rue down. Before the hovercraft takes Rue away, Katniss sing Rue a song and covers her body in flowers. The anthem plays, then the trumpet sounds announcing an important message; two tributes can win this year, as long as they're both from the same district. After the announcement Katniss yells for Peeta. There are many quotes in the Hunger Games that really stand out and tell us something about the speaker’s feelings or hints of what will happen further in the reading. One quote that stood out to me was when Peeta and Katniss are up

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