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Hunger Games Movie Review

  • Submitted by: mihiecce
  • on April 12, 2012
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This book ended and the next one began but I knew that this information packed in would be too long. The movie became tiring. It’s basically being on the treadmill and not having the towel on top of how much further you have to go.
To someone who hasn’t read the book, everyone knew the second that she volunteered she would win. That’s another thing that seemed missing to me, if someone who hadn't read the book knew also then, what are the stakes?
Though it was obvious Katniss would win, I was looking forward to watching the violence of the tributes killing each other and feeling the intensity of the game—none of which had happened. I believe the movie spent too much time watching Katniss sleep in trees instead of showing dangerous violence.
Katniss had an awkward portrayal of her stance of character in the movie, it wasn't even the cool, stoic personality, it's like the insufferably Girl Scout noble and I mean that in the sleeps in trees way. She is pissed off the entire time, she gets that her life is unfair, that everyone is weak and selfish and arbitrarily holding power over her. Katniss never really gets mad, she's stank, and annoyed and she's throwing shade and she cries but she's never really mad beyond anything   in a way that is sustained. It's not the through-line that I expected and needed to visualize.
Another thing that bothers me is the way Katniss is portrayed in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence walks and talks like a normal actor but her face seems half frozen throughout the entire movie. There is a weirdly gummy but dead aspect to her face. I needed her to act, she should of expressed emotion to her character, but Lawrence used her voice and actions speak for themselves, which I was sometimes oblivious to since I like watch actor’s faces dramatize the scenes.
When Rue dies and then her dad in District 11 goes on a rampage after the Capitol I was intrigued but I wanted to stay in District 11.That scene also made it so clear how much the pressure of...

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