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Hunger Games Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: heroin
  • on October 30, 2011
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This book remembered as one of the greatest book in my mind. It gave me thrill and nervous feelings as a result, hold sweat in my hands while I was reading this book. This book was mainly about a girl, Katniss who survived from the hunger game that created by dictatorial capitol in the future place Panem. I’ve never read this kind of fictions, which contained the characteristics of SF, fantasy, and adventure fiction.
After the rebellion against the government, the country divided into twelve districts. The reason of they divided into twelve was because they thought that if they divide as parts of districts, they can manage each part easier. The government also tried to prevent rebellion so they created and enforced the ‘hunger games’, which held in every year for randomly picked children. In these children, only one child could be survived. Otherwise, the other children should be died. This game broadcasted lively to whole area of Panem, by hidden cameras, which fixed on everywhere inside of arena. Finally, Peeta and Katniss won this game.
While I was reading this book, I thought that hunger game was really brutal, scared, and heart-stricken. 24 children were just randomly chosen by capitol for bloody fight. Actually, hunger game was definitely not acceptable but capitol just enjoyed this bloody fighting and at a time, they gave horror for the other districts. While I was reading, I hoped that Katniss won this horrible game and survived. But after I finished this book, I realized that my thoughts were wrong because all of 24 children should not be died as ‘capitol’s toys’. When I closed this book, there were multiple feelings in my mind, such as excited, thrilled, sad, and regrettable, etc. There were the series of this book, catching fire and moking jay. If I have chances to read those, I will read those carefully because the first part, ‘the hunger game’ gave me an huge impact for my reading life.

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