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Hunger Games Essay

  • Submitted by: Nitriano
  • on June 1, 2011
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Journal 1

To be honest, the beginning of this book isn’t impressive. In fact I was thinking to stop reading it. However, the uncompleted information in the beginning about the reaping day made me to read on in order to to find out what is it that everyone is scared of it.   The more I was reading it, the more it was getting hard for me to take a break. In the first part of the book the most interesting things were discoveries of Panem government that was run by single party dictatorship.   A second interesting moment is discoveries of Katniss’s skills and characteristics.
At first I was thinking she is an ordinary teenage girl, and already predicted a boring story, but when I read along, the beauty of this character has appeared. I like how she thinks; her mentality is completely different form teenage girls in our real life.   I like her being the breadwinner and mother for her little sister. Her bravery totally impressed me, when she raised her hand to volunteer for her sister. We know that other district tributes had siblings also, but but none of their relatives has stepped out.   That showed readers and the country of Panem that her family is her first priority.

Journal 2

I am more of an action person.   When it came to time that tributes had to fight each other I was hardly ever blinking.   The moment that I dislike is when Peeta told her not to pick up the bow and arrows. Maybe he did good thing because she could have get killed, but in the other hand if she could get the weapon, she wouldn’t have suffered from water shortage. We always think if we were instead of main characters we see in movie or book we would have done this or that. But it is not so simple as it seems. I have experienced war, when I was in Afghanistan. All I could think of is how to remain alive.   It is impossible to think of fight back or something that could defeat the enemy, because they got weapon and you nothing. That’s why I liked the action part so much because that’s kind...

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