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Hunger Games Essay

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  • on April 1, 2015
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Hunger games

The Hunger games is set in Panem where there is a lot of inequality between the rich and poor and the wealth is only concentrated in the hands of the rich. Particularly the rich people especially those living in Capitol control the resources and this is mostly food. People in the poor districts do not even have enough food to eat while rich control the resources and therefore the poor survives by hunting.   The story is about a little girl Katniss who notes that starvation is very common in district 12 and thus she needs to hunt illegally in woods that are beyond the borders of the district in order to support the family (Collins, 2009). The issue of integrity arises as she does not have an option and has to feed her family.
In this particular movie the issue of integrity comes due to the fact that people who control important resources do not have the interest of other people in mind and it is their selfish aims that they want to foster. Due to the need to take revenge they allow people to suffer which makes people to venture into illegal hunting that can land them trouble with the authorities. People from the poorer districts are pushed to their limits to do things that they could not want to do but due to lack of an option do it.
One of the things that people are forced which does not show integrity is accepting to fight to death so that they can be able to get food for their lives. People put their lives at risk in trying to save their lives. The game makers also show lack of integrity values when they force children to fight. As much as they see this as a game the truth is that this is no game and children lose their lives in the fights.
Hunger games as well presents the pain of suffering as an entertainment. The more the tributes seem to be suffering to them it means that the games become more entertaining and this means that it will have to continue. People come to watch tributes who are of course children fight and die....

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