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Rebellion in The Hunger Games When any group of people are under oppression it almost always results in an eventual revolutionary rebellion. Free will is an innate human desire, and even more so a right. This simple idea is the basis for the plot of The Hunger Games. The characters in The Hunger Games mirror that of history's real world oppressed peoples and further more there neglect to tolerate it, making rebellion a major theme of the film. Over 75 years before the beginning of the film, there was a global disaster. Following the disaster, the nation of Panem and its 13 districts are created. The Capitol rules over the districts absolutely; taking their supplies and resources to support their lavish lifestyle. Some time after the districts were created, the people of Panem rose up against Capitol rule. They we’re tired of the oppression from the government and decided to take a stand. After the fighting has ceased, the citizens of Panem are struck down and forced under Capitol rule once again; twelve of the districts are defeated, the thirteenth is obliterated. As punishment for the rebellion, The Hunger Games are created. In these games, each of the twelve remaining district must select two tributes under the age of 18, one male and one female, to enter into a fight to the death. Another reason for the split into districts and keeping the people separate is to stop them from rising up and inspiring another rebellion. Making sure that the people of Panem do no rise up again is very important to the Capitol. That is part of the reason for the completely totalitarian government. The government controls where the people live and the flow of all the districts resources. By having this control, the people feel that there is no way to reverse their oppression so they don’t even attempt to. They feel as if that is how their lives have to be. The Capitol also

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