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Hunger Games Essay

  • Submitted by: cdubsoccer
  • on April 21, 2013
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Carter Woods
Book Review

Hunger Games

For my book review, I read the hunger games book for the first time. After seeing the movie and hearing all the hype over the book I knew this would be a good pick for my report. The book starts off in the measly, coal town of District 12. In the book it talks how the people led an uprising or something and so the Capitol, or government, separated the nation into 12 districts. And in remembrance of the uprising and how powerful the government is, the Capitol holds an annual Hunger Games. Which is where 2 tributes, a male and a female, from each district are chosen at random to represent the district in a fight to the death with tributes from other districts, and there can only be one winner. That is kind of an intro to the book. So it starts off telling a little about Katniss Everdeen, the main character. Her Dad died when she was young from a collapse of the coal mines. So she had to fend for her family by going out into the woods and getting meat and fruit to either eat or sell at the Hob, otherwise known as the black-market. From hunting, Katniss is very skilled with a bow and arrow. She and he friend Gale do this at the start of the book, then it is time for the picking of the tributes for the games. Katniss’s little sister Prim gets chosen so Katniss volunteers in her place. For the boys said a boy named Pete Mellark is chosen. So they say their final goodbyes to there family and head off to have a small training session with the teacher Haymitch, who is an alcoholic. They get trained and really stand out when they are shown to the capitol to be graded in order to earn sponsors. After a series of events, its time for the games to start. The bell sounds and the tributes are off. Katniss manages to get a backpack filled with assorted goods from the cornucopia, which is a middle spot where weapons and stuff is found, and runs off without being harmed. Peeta teams up with some of the career tributes, which are just guys...

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