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Brennen DuPree 9th Lit./Comp. 2nd Mrs. Stanley 13 December 2012 Hunger Games Essay If you were selected as a tribute for the Hunger Games would you stick to your true self? Katniss Everdeen did just that, keeping true, she finds herself winning the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen shows individuality in the novel by volunteering as a tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games for her sister, Primrose. “I volunteer,’ I gasp ’I volunteer as tribute!” This shows that Katniss is protective over her sister and will do anything to protect her. This is important because Katniss is like a mother figure to Primrose and provides for her family. Katniss showed no emotion when standing onstage during the reaping. This shows that Katniss is rebellious and does not like the Hunger Games at all. This is important because it shows that Katniss does not care for the capitol. Katniss shows individuality by parenting Primrose. This shows that she can live alone and still supply food for someone else with a parent. This is important because it helps Katniss tremendously in the Hunger Games arena. Katniss shows individuality by rebelling in many ways. One way Katniss rebels is hunting in the woods outside of the district and selling her kills to the Peacekeepers. This shows that Katniss has no fear of the punishments she could receive from the Capitol. This is important because she could be executed for doing a crime such like that.Katniss shows individuality by an arrow and the Gamemakers and leaving without dismissal. This shows that Katniss is rebellious and not like anyone else. This is important because it helps her get a very high score of 11 thus getting her more sponsors. Katniss shows individuality by making her own decision to run toward the Cornucopia instead of the woods. This shows that Katniss can make her own decisions and does not need direction from anyone else.

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