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Hunger Games Essay

  • Submitted by: thabenz
  • on October 30, 2011
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Benny Smith
Hollis 4B
Honors English 1
30 September 2011

Different Strategies of the Hunger Games

Every society has to have some type of structure within itself; The Hunger Games portrays the future that is envisioned by Katniss. This vision required strategies of survival which included seeing how far a person could go, testing one’s self to extremes such as going days without food or killing another person for everlasting glory. What would make a modern culture go to these extremes, but in order to live in such a barbaric world one must know their surroundings. Citizens in a dictatorship must go days without food, and be grateful for the small things in life without truly knowing what`s going on.

Cato kills anyone who gets in his path, and is willing to do anything to be the victor of the Hunger Games. He single handedly killed one of the biggest and strongest contestants with ease using only adrenaline and other contestants blood to fuel his evil onslaught, And to clear out the remaining participants. You can hear just how twisted this individual is when he states “I’ll do better with my sword.”(Collins 182).   He was known throughout the games as the next great champion because of his career background and weapons training when he states “Thanks for the knife.”(Collins 191).   Everyone knows that he intends on using the knife for only one purpose to kill and do not stop killing until every last one is dead. In the end Cato makes a small error and ends up being killed by Katniss who turns out was the better contestant after all.

Haymitch working with Katniss and Peeta, preparing them for the upcoming games trying to turn a couple of district 12 barbarians into civilized capitalists. Haymitch maximized the potential of Katniss and Peeta by training with them, finding their combat skills and making sponsors fall in love with the crush concept. When they both arrived at the capital they were little known contestants as Haymitch said “Having as...

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