Hunger Games Essay

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Have you ever been taken away from your family and friends for any amount of time? Have you ever been in a life or death situation for weeks at a time wooried if you will make it out alive? If you have you then you might know how a young girl named Katniss Everdeen feels when she has to volunteer for the Hunger Games. Some of the main elements in the Hunger Games are love, survival, bravery and trust. In my opinion, love is very relevant right from the beginning in the Hunger Games. After reading the beginning, love it really comes into play. Katniss’s little sister is chosen to be in the Hunger Games and she is just 12 years old. Katniss is watching in the crowd as her sister goes up to the stage. Katniss knows her sister will die if she goes into the games so Katniss runs up to the stage and decides to take her sisters place in the Hunger Games. This is the first act real love in the story according to me. The second is in the actual Hunger Games. Two people from every district are chosen to go to the Games. The other person that was chosen to go with her is Peeta Mellark. In my opinion I think that there are many people responsible for the deaths of each participant from the different districts. I think that the people that host the games are responsible the people that watch the games, and the other participants participating in the games. They all take part in the killing of each of the players, even though some of them were not even competing in the games. The games are a harsh and cruel game that is caused by no one, but government, media, and people. I think first off that the people that host the games are most responsible for the deaths of each and everyone in the arena. They host these games annually as a way of giving people excitement, but really their hurting tons of families whose children participate in the games. They use grain and food

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