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Hunger Essay More than one person dies form hunger and related causes every 5 seconds and we just sit down and wonder why.( ) Well, the truth is, we should get up and start helping our brothers all around the world, but if that’s too much for us we should at least help in our own country, in this case Ecuador. Since the moment the sun comes out till the moment it sets and the night falls there are millions of Ecuadorians who don’t have a thing to eat, and consequentially suffer from hunger. If we know this, I wonder why we don’t help, it’s very inhumane to not do anything. There is no miracle that will stop hunger from one day to another, that’s why each one of us should contribute to the hunger wave that hits our own country. As we all know our country isn’t the richest, the most powerful or even the most righteous, but it is one of the most beautiful ones, with a potential to be better. Sadly the future generations are more concerned in having something to eat than reading a book, and until we fix the hunger crisis we will never grow. In all of South America more than 10% of the whole population is undernourished and have an extreme situation of poverty( ). This 10%, even if it might seem small, is more than 40 million people ( ). All these human beings are people just like you and me, and it’s just inhumane and incorrect to sit down and not do a thing. Every day on the street we see homeless people, especially kids and elders, trying to survive and make it on their own. We can see young kids, much like me, committing shocking things such as blowing fire and doing all sorts of flips throughout the streets. It’s so heartbreaking and awful to see what they do for a living, we should try to give them a hand and be a bit less insensitive. As time passes more and more people die and we can make a difference! We all know that there are no miracles

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