Hunger Essay

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Project Submission Date: last week of September (tentative) General Guidelines 1. The word limit is about 750 to 1000 words. Do not exceed the word limit. 3. The project has to be neatly handwritten. 4. Though you may seek help from friends, books, websites, teachers, etc., please remember that the project is seeking to test YOUR understanding and analysis of the texts you are studying. Hence ‘copy-paste’ projects from websites, books or past projects will be given not be given any marks. 5. QUALITY not quantity is the essence of a project. So focus on content not length. 6. The deadline for project submission must be honoured. 7. Your project will be evaluated on the following criteria ( Understanding of the text (Narrative) ( Examples from the text ( Interpretation and evaluation of the text ( Appreciation of language and characterisation ( Critical appreciation (Personal Response) Project pointers (for short stories) ❖ Ponder upon these points while beginning to form the project and analyse the answers in your own way and your own words. Further, focus upon these points in addition to your own, while going ahead in the project. And all these points are NOT NECESSARY to be followed. You may follow your own chronology, your own idea/understanding of expanding on the question as long as it’s related to the topic. 1. ‘Justice means taking a stand between right or wrong. Taking a stance, and not about being neutral between right and wrong.’ Explain this statement in the light of the actions taken by the lead characters of the story. What sets them apart from the other supporting characters (Ramdhan Mishra and Samjhu Sahu)? - Begin with a discussion about the writer Munshi Premchand. - He was primarily a Hindi writer but an influential one which is why his works were translated. - Wrote on real life

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