Hung Liu Biography

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Giang Nguyen Myers/Kreps Source Summary Appreciation of Art 1020 02/14/2012 Artist: HUNG LIU Bibliographical entry: “Hung Liu: Strange Fruit”. Tfaoi. 8 Feb. 2012 <> Hung Liu was born in Changchun, China, in 1948. In the Mao Regime in which Hung Liu grew up, an individual’s rights were subordinated to the interests of the States. Under the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Hung Liu, along with thousands of educated Chinese citizens, was sent to a forced labor camp for “re-education”. She worked there for four years. She then got a degree from Central Academy of Art in Beijing, China. Hung Liu emigrated to the United States in 1984 and got an MFA in Visual Arts from University of California, San Diego. Affected by her experiences growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution and her move to the United States, Hung Liu’s recent exhibitions showed both adversity and perseverance. Hung Liu was only permitted to draw from life when she was trained in Beijing. Liu, however, was against these strict rules and secretly used photographs as an aid in her painting. Her father was captured and taken away to prison when she was six years old. Her family has to destroy most of their family photos because those personal items were prohibited during the Cultural Revolution. Strongly influenced by the losses, she and her family suffered, Liu was passionately interested in history and photographs, especially with reclaiming the lost histories of nameless women. Historic photographs of China from early and mid-20th century have been her primary inspiration in her career. Liu’s paintings exhibit realistic and abstract, narrative and symbolic, allowing multiple interpretations by viewers. In her paintings, Liu treated women as individuals. She used variety of representations of women such as prostitutes, brides, warriors, mothers… The women
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