Hung Chow And Wushi Essay

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The sun sneaked its way up into the sky, flooding into nearby apartment buildings and houses in Beijing. Hung Chow pulled his head back under the covers and moaned at the smell of over-polluted air. The streets had already begun to fill with thousands of cars buses, and voices. The noise grew louder and louder forcing Hung Chow to leave his dreams and get ready for the day. It could never be an ordinary day for Hung Chow; for he was no ordinary Chinese citizen; he was an auspicious super hero who fought villains across the continent of Asia! Just as Hung Chow climbed out of bed, he heard a cry for help. He quickly jumped into his ostentatious hero costume, and sallied out the apartment window. Hung Chow’s side-kick, Sushi, was already at the scene of the crime when Hung Chow arrived. A giant chasm lay right in the middle of the freeway. Then, Sushi noticed a lady screaming for help at the bottom of the chasm. Hung Chow dove down into cleft in the earth’s surface while Sushi called for sentries to guard the freeway. “How did you get down here?” Hung Chow asked the lady as he saved her life. “I was driving down the freeway, and the ground started bouncing shaking and hopping like a wild kangaroo. I climbed out of the car and the next thing I knew, I was at the bottom of an extremely deep chasm!” Her lucid explanation sounded plausible, but her face showed no apathy. She looked neither shocked nor scared! Just then, a giant Japanese monster flew out of the ground, and the lady laughed. It was a trap! The monster scaly stomach let off a reverberation which shined in Hung Chow’s eyes, blinding the poor hero. The side-kick threw a trifle at the monster’s head attempting to distract him in an effort to save Hung Chow. It seemed that the toil lasted forever until the heroes grew immensely tired. Hung Chow and Sushi jumped onto the ledge of the chasm trying to dodge

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