Hundred Flowers Campaign, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution

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Research: Hundred Flowers Campaign, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution- As a reporter it is your responsibility to write about the following events in Chinese History. Provide important people and at least two different perspectives. Hundred Flowers Campaign Hundred Flowers Campaign, movement begun in May 1956 within the communist government of China to lift the restrictions imposed upon Chinese intellectuals and thus grants greater freedom of thought and speech. Chinese who had been educated in Europe and America were the first to come forward. Teachers demanded more academic freedom. Lawyers complained that the National Peoples Congress was too slow in passing and enacting the laws that had already been drafted, and that unqualified Party cadres were interfering with legal institutions and placing themselves above the law. Scientists criticized the unqualified Party cadres who were directing their research, and complained that political meetings took them away from their work. People spoke out by putting up posters on university campuses, rallying in the streets, holding meetings for CCP members, and publishing magazine articles. For example, students at Peking University created a "Democratic Wall" on which they criticized the CCP with posters “They protested CCP control over intellectuals, the harshness of previous mass campaigns such as that against counterrevolutionaries, the slavish following of Soviet models, the low standards of living in China, the proscription of foreign literature, economic corruption among party cadres, and the fact that 'Party members [enjoyed] many privileges which make them a race apart' During the period from June 1 to July 17, 1957, millions of letters poured in to the Premier's Office and other authorities, and the situation began to get out of control. In Mao's opinion, many of these letters violated the boundaries

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