Humor Is a Wonder Drug to Defuse Bad Mood Essay

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11.26.13 Melody Qiao Intro to Lit H Ms. Eliot Humor is a wonder drug to defuse bad mood, pain and to fix relationship. A little joke can easily remove an unpleasant conflict, change the talking atmosphere and make it harmonious. Through out the book, there is an example of how to use humor to defuse pain. Junior's sister died, his father was so sad. At that time, When his father drive Junior's home, Junior laughing and laughing, it effectively easing the bad mood. He said in book:” you’re alive! You’re alive!” then his father said” but your sister~~” junior reply “ I know, I know. She’s dead. But you’re alive! You’re still alive!!” From here we can see that he was very Optimism and try to let his father feel better, so he use his humor to change their bad mood. The same example as his sister dead, in the book, after his grandma dead, he and the whole reservation were sad and had a funeral for his grandmother. At that time, a man who was rich came to the reservation, he use his funny story and funny move changed the sad situation although he was not did on purpose. So use humor really can break the sad ambiance and make people fell better. There is not one reason to use humor; you can use that to fix your relationship. Laughter relieves tension and stress, elevates mood, enhances creativity, and boosts energy. Laughter also plays an essential role in building strong, healthy relationships by bringing people closer together, creating intimacy, and resolving conflict and disagreements. Whether you're dating or in a long-term relationship, you can learn to use humor and play to strengthen the bond between you and help you fix relationship problems. Here is a story of use humor to fix the relationship. The story was happened in a Paint Department I client of mine was working at a major home improvement store in the paint department. When customers have

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