Humor and the Classroom

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Humor in the Classroom Humor, when combined with education, allows its true benefits to shine. Humor lights up more of the brain than many other functions in the classroom, maximizing learning and strengthening memories (Fact) states Mary Kay Morrison, an educator, researcher, and author on the subject. Teachers are able to utilize humor to create a better learning environment. For example, by sharing a smile or laughter with students, teachers can help students feel more comfortable, relaxed, and more inclined to learn. A laugh or a smile from a teacher may seem like a simple task but it can go a long way. Humor brings enthusiasm, positivity, and optimism into the classroom. Being a student at Clovis West, I agree that teachers who use humor are more approachable and easier to communicate with. When a teacher is easy to talk with, I feel more welcome to ask questions and gain knowledge that way (Anecdote). Humor in a teacher is like revealing a “human” side to a potentially non-human form that we expect in particularly from high school teachers (Opinion/Analogy). A classroom that consistently practices humor creates an environment in which students are not afraid to make mistakes because of consequences from their instructor. I am fortunate to have my schedule consist of teachers who advocate humor in the classroom. As expected, my mistakes are often met positively because my teachers recognize that it is a natural learning process that can be as useful if treated the right way. (Anecdote). A study by psychologist Randy Garner PhD, found that students are more likely to recall information in a lecture when it is interjected with humor of relevant topics (Fact). A teacher that shares laughter with his or her students can be beneficial for both the student and the teacher. To illustrate this point: which would a typical student prefer? A teacher that is strict,

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