Humming Bird Lab Report

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UNIT 1 ASSIGNMENT BIOLOGY (SCIE206-1303B-04) JANET ANDREWS LORENZO JAMES 9-3-2013 INTRODUCTION: When taking a hike, you notice that a ruby throated hummingbird seems interested in your red hat. It hovers over the hat then darts away, the question being asked is do hummingbirds prefer some colors more then others when visiting flowers? HYPOTHESIS: My hypothesis towards this observation would be hummingbirds may or might be attracted to certain colors or a certain color. They may also be attracted to certain types of scents or movements, I really cant pinpoint the exact stimulation or interest of the hummingbird. PREDICTION: If the experiment shows that the hummingbird is attracted to the different colors, scents or movements, then that would mean that my hypothesis was definitely a true statement and this would confirm my guess was correct. CONTROLLED EXPERIMENTAL METHOD: To start the experiment I went for a hike around the woods on different days wearing different material to properly observe the hummingbirds actions. Day 1: I walked near the hummingbirds wearing a red hat and noticed the birds were hovering again over the hat as if it was a sort of flower, due to the fact I was moving they quickly darted away. Day 2: I…show more content…
The hovering is them investigating whether they are going to be fed or is the material food, but they are not attracted to specific smells like I thought that they was. The smell seems to have no affect at all towards or against the hummingbirds. I accept my hypothesis terms because after observation and studying the facts my hypothesis was almost correct and very similar to the exact and correct
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