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Hume Reflection Sophie feels that the study of more philosophers is of no necessity to continue because she doesn’t find them intriguing enough to complete her own philosophical background since she follows a different path of belief, compared to Plato’s, Aristotle’s and Spinoza’s. Although, Alberto pulls Sophie out of the water and get’s her interested into Hume’s philosophy by stating that Mr. Hume “more than any other philosopher, he took the everyday world as his starting point” (pg. 264.) Mr. Hume’s philosophy is based on three separate branches: the difference between impressions and ideas, human habits and expectations, and feelings versus reasoning and the human fate. To begin with, Mr. Hume speaks of the comparison between impressions and ideas, in which means that human experiences two different types of perceptions. Impressions, to Mr. Hume, are defined as the immediate, external, sensation as ideas is defined to be the commemoration of these impressions. Mr. Hume expresses these differences with the following quote: “The difference is that an impression is stronger and livelier than your reflective memory of that impression. You could say that the sensation is the original and that the idea, or reflection, is only a pale imitation” (265.) If we were to compare these philosophical quotes to a past time memory, you can see that impressions and ideas can be expressed through science, math, or even just common sense. My friends and I had a party at my house, as we were acting ludicrous I fell on a scooter and slid on my gluteus cleft – with the impression knowing I am going to have a big scrape along my butt. Now I can look back at this part of my life, and recollect all these ideas that falling off a scooter is the most ridiculous thing anyone can do, especially due to the fact that I didn’t run into anything or hit anything. Subsequently, Mr. Hume

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