Humans Relationship With Animals Throughout Ages Essay

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Relationship between Animals and Humans Past, Present and Future Prepared by: Sandip Kollol Dhruba, Grade- 8a, DPS STS SCHOOL, DHAKA * Relationship The relationship between animals and humans never remained same from the Stone Age to what we now call the modern world. Various types of human societies responded in different ways to animals. Each of these types of societies is generally associated with certain types of social conditions and attitudes toward wildlife and nature. * Past Hunter-gatherer societies which date back to the Stone Age (A broad prehistoric era during which humans widely used stone for tool making.) obtained their food directly from natural ecosystems, by hunting and collecting wild animals which in turn as well attacked them. So, animals were also hunted for self-protection. In most cases humans were the winning side as they attacked united. During these many years of this kind of experience, humans developed weapons (blades, knives, bows and arrows etc.) which improved their skills of hunting. Their lifestyle supported a relatively small number of people in most landscapes, so population densities of hunter-gatherer societies were low in most cases. As the population continued to grow once people realized that there won’t be enough to feed the growing population. This started the domestication of wild animals. This started the agrarian societies when people not only obtained food by foraging in natural ecosystems, but also by cultivating and raising livestock. Over the past 10,000 years, humans have learned to control animals for their uses. All of the animals that we use today, such as dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, camels, geese, horses, and pigs, started out as wild animals but were eventually controlled by humans. Later on as many other societies were born the uses of animals changed to many other purposes
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