Humans Are Essentially Evil

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Humans are essentially evil. Discuss from all aspects, religion, science and art. The nature of humankind has been explored endlessly, with no definitive answers. What people believe the nature of humans to be is a very personal belief. That belief is shaped by the religion they follow, the culture they grew up in, by their life experiences and by also what they learn in terms of knowledge. Although no one is born anything but human it just depends upon their circumstances if they become good or evil. All new born babies have no intention of being 'evil'. Something or someone alters their actions at some time, changing their paths and leading to possible evilness. There has to be a trigger to make them no longer have any innocence, and sacrifice themselves as a person. Our Creator is not evil; he wouldn’t make us to be like that either. Great thinkers believed that humans are evil. Philosophers like Thomas Hobbes and also Sigmund Freud believed that humans were evil. Towards the end of his life, Freud became largely disenchanted with the human species and considered us one of the worst types of animals. Granted, a lot of his feelings were based on the tumultuous time period in which he lived, as he witnessed World War I and died just as another major war, World War II, was getting started. In his 1930 book, Civilizations and its Discontents, he wrote “…men are not gentle creatures, who want to be loved, who at the most can defend themselves if they are attacked; they are, on the contrary, creatures among whose instinctual endowments is to be reckoned a powerful share of aggressiveness.” Hundreds of years before Freud, philosopher Thomas Hobbes had a similarly pessimistic view of humanity and famously wrote that the life of man in his natural state is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Essentially, he believed all men were equally capable of killing,
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