Humans and the Common Bully Essay

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Kevin Benjamin Sedano Soriano Ruiz Adv English II April 7th, 2014 Mrs.Getchel Humans and the common bully In the human race they’re many types of energy that we are surrounded by . Whether it’s good or bad.Though how do we let it affect us? In our lives we all go through a situation where a person has negative energy and needs to let it all out to innocent others in order to feel good about themselves. Or even to release anger. Due to bad environments in people’s childhoods. Overall this is to be considered a bully ,and anyone can be a bully … even adults. Bullying is life changing , it can affect you permanently or temporarily in life. It could be emotionally , mentally , even physically ..Because those are the outcomes from the actions of genocide. People who are being bullied cause pain to themselves. Then as a chain reaction it affects those closest to them. For example: friends, family,acquaintances . People like Megan Meier, age thirteen, was repeatedly bullied by her classmates on social media website called MySpace. Because of bullying, she took her own life in 2006. The movie “Bullying” from one of the more extreme cases bullying led to some taking their own lives. For even bullying can happen to the best and worst of us. Kids like :Alex, Ja’meya,Kelby, and Kim Zarzour tell their stories in movie. Explained how they get bullied based on pure nonsense. Kelby was bullied by many because of how she looked and that she liked females. Kelby quotes “You can always count on something happening when you’re walking down the hall at school, in the classroom, after school when I’m walking home, when I’m walking through the parking lot in the morning to school. I wasn’t welcomed at church. I’m not welcomed in a lot of people’s homes.” After reading that you can see the probability of being bullied is high. Sources

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