are humans always selfish?

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Phil 101 paper no:2 Zeynep Meral Are People Always Selfish? Is there inner good in human beings? Or are we just selfishly creatures who only think of their own self-interest? Is it a part of selfishness to show self –interest? Primarily I will discuss James Rachel’s arguments about these topics and his opinions referring on the concepts psychological egoism and ethical egoism. Then the two arguments which are cited in his essay Humans are not always selfish such as humans only do what they are pleased to or willing to do and the satisfaction they get after doing a good thing such as helping someone is it the proove of being selfish. Evaluating his arguments referring on his essay will be helpfull to unify our thoughts about the question “Are humans always selfish?” James Rachels main response consists of why a person is called selfish because he helps or does a good thing and an unselfish person does not even care about helping or doing that thing. Getting satisfaction from a good act we do demonstrates that we are unselfish according to Rachel because when you are only an unselfish person you get that feeling of satisfaction. Only an unselfish person can feel that way. But inspite of this confusions emerge. Selfishness is not equal to showing self interest. A selfish person overlooks the benefits of other people but does not like it when he is the one being overlooked. On the other hand a person who shows self-interest such as eating vegetables for ones health is not acting selfishly. Because only eating that kind of food is not the most prefarable choice of his. Psychological egoism is descriptive and as Rachel mentions is the self-intrest being the cause of everything in ones life and this is explained by being selfish and doing only what one wants. For exemple if one wants to help a friend studying when that one does not care about his
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