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How Humans Impact Each Cycle EVS-1001 January 23, 2014 Humans impact to the carbon cycle with the circulation of the carbon among many living organisms and their environment as well. The carbon dioxide that is surrounded will be synthesized by the plants and their tissue that is swallowed by animals with transforming in to carbon dioxide again while living or dead. The humans affect this cycle with taking 40% from the photosynthetic effect of plants on land. Where there are burning fossil fuels that has an increase the carbon dioxide to 35%. When combustion occurs by the surrounding of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water molecules are set free in the atmosphere. The phosphorous cycle is the element that is in rock and soil minerals which when the rocks starts to break down the phosphorous is released. Human’s impact the phosphorous cycle by having phosphorous included into fertilizers, laundry detergent and other products. Humans have contributed to phosphorous entering the oceans and increase the phosphorous cycle to go faster. Once the phosphorous leaves the soil it will not return and causes pollution in the ocean killing animals in the ocean. The nitrogen cycle occurs there are bacteria in the soils, water and sediments. Nitrogen is a must have a requirement for water and land plants. Humans are important contributors to the nitrogen cycle. Not only do humans increase the nitrogen rate but also in crops that are grown and nitrogen is in more of the non-leguminous crops. In an opinion it is hard in some cases for humans depend on transportation and this is one of the ways they contribute to pollution. Hair sprays, cigarettes are manmade and definitely give the negativity impact humans have on each cycle. Any living creature will face the consequences of polluting and destroying our environment. These cycles show the facts of how each have to face

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