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Kurtz English, Per. 3 October 25, 2011 Humans are of minute existence; our physical being is nothing of importance to the world. What we look like, and how we work has no significant outcomes. Beyond the outside, beyond the image, and beyond what lies in what we see, we have something special hidden inside of us. I can’t exactly tell you what’s inside, but it’s a feeling, emotion, and dream. Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth we live on, the mere virtue of our lives are buried deep within our pure and peaceful minds, as well as pulsating and luminous hearts. This thriving feeling comes from what we instantaneously obtained when we were born, a dream. This is not just any dream, it’s the American dream. This dream is not just any imaginative thought in our head while we sleep, but a flaming and igniting passion we hold dear to our hearts. As we look at our future, our past, and the present, it somehow is involved with the dream we posses. Whether our origins are of Caucasian, African, or Asian roots, we all want to be able to say “I have lived the American dream”. Throughout history we have seen, experienced, and acknowledged what the American Dream is like. Some believe it’s money or success, but truthfully what defines the dream is if you yourself have internally achieved the happiness that you once strived for. Opportunities to obtain The American dream presents itself to us in hidden underlying ways, forcing us to look for something that’s right in front of our eyes. Neil Diamond’s song “America” supports the will power, endeavor, and determination that every human being has, to allow them to push for their own American dream. Americans sometimes forget how lucky they are, since they never have Ginelle2 experienced living in a foreign country. Thousands and thousands of people from around the world come to the U.S.A, in hopes to

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