The Humanizing Effects of Fiction

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The Humanizing Effects Of Fiction By: Massimo Riccio The major downfall to the essay was the use of evidence and sentence structure. Working on correcting the following areas will help the following: - Correct any run on sentences, which in turn will help the syntax errors in the essay. - The proper use of quotes as evidence will further help readjust and correct other syntax errors caused by misplacement of quotes and evidence. All the corrections being made in the following areas will have universal effects on other criteria used for marking therefore improving many other areas in turn and improving the over all mark received for the essay. Fiction can be a great tool to broaden one’s outlook on the world. In the essay “An Unquiet Awakening” by Mordecai Richler; shows how fictitious literature can have a humanizing effect by allowing the reader to draw parallels between the main character and his/herself. Through parallel narrative Richler shows the reader how by establishing parallels between himself, the main character of the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul Baumer, and the author of the book, Erich Maria Remarque, he realizes there is more going on outside of his little Montreal neighborhood. As a teen Mordecai Richler never really had much attention from the ladies, the lack of attention from the women had driven him to become interested in reading books and secluding himself from the outside world. Due to the lack of will to socialize, Richler kept to himself causing him to want nothing to do with the outside world. As he explains, “ Even at school basketball games, absorbed by my books of daunting significance” (52), Richler explains how he stayed in his little bubble reading books keeping him closed-minded and self-centered. He would rather keep himself closed up behind his books
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