Humanity In Night

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Night Wiesel’s, Night, was a chilling example of what can happen when we turn our backs on our fellow human beings and fail to see the sameness of all humans. Like Elie, I was appalled to think that something like that could happen in the 20th century and no one helped until a whole race of people were almost annihilated. I do understand the disbelief of the world, however. During the time of the Holocaust there wasn’t any 24 hour news coverage nor cable television so the world couldn’t watch the play by play moves of the war and since nothing of this nature had ever occurred before (at least as far as we know) people didn’t have a point of reference to base this absurd information on, so they just dismissed it as being untrue. Nonetheless,…show more content…
Yes, Elie and the other captures felt less than mere dogs however it was the SS who were acting as animals, in relation to their fellow man. The Jews relinquished their humanity for their survival while the SS relinquished their humanity for feeling of being superior. But who were they superior too, mere dogs? Why all that trouble to gain that level of respect. So they could relieve their own sense of inadequacy. They needed someone t o blame for poverty and joblessness of their land, so the Jew became their scapegoats. They took all they had materialistically, then humanly, and finally killed them as not waste precious resources. Tell me what’s more precious than human life? Consequently, no matter the number of lives the Holocaust took the type of behavior displayed during this time is not uncommon the world over, even today. It can be seen on playgrounds, in backyards and in homes everywhere. Children, who give derogatory labels to their peers and use taunting, while encouraging others to do so as well, are no less dehumanizing to others as well as themselves. When adults who verbally and physically abuse their partners, they are displaying SS
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