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Digital Photography | HUMN432: Course Project Report | Brandon Flores Manuel Lopez Desiree Martinez | Table of Contents * | AUTHOR | PAGE | * Cover PageTable of ContentsAbstract * Introduction * Historical Development and Context * Political and Legal Influences * Economic Questions and Considerations * Cultural Context * Environmental Implications * Moral and Ethical implications * ConclusionReferences | Desiree Martinez Desiree MartinezManuel LopezDesiree MartinezManuel Lopez Manuel LopezBrandon FloresBrandon Flores | iiiiii123456789 | The Way to Digital Photography: Historical and Industrial Perspectives Abstract Photography was first invented about 200 years ago, although the first prototype of the camera came about in the Middle Ages. As inventors became increasingly enamored of the process of combining light and imagery, new techniques began to form. Camera products and technologies have gone through various landmark changes, but none has had the impact that marrying a computer with a camera has experienced. Digital photography has taken over the entire photographic industry, and along with this technology change has come industry change. There are now new players with products on the market, and globalization has helped to foster new markets and new economies. The addition of smartphones and mobile handsets is also now considered to be a player in this field as well. A History of Photography Photography begins with the combination of optics, a light source, and a medium on which to transfer an image. The first cameras were merely boxes with small holes punched in them to capture thin rays of light, and were called pinhole cameras. The very first camera per se was the camera obscura, invented

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