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INTRODUCTION: Throughout History, Humanity has become more and more developed, throught the use Knowledge, and exploration of our world, and are need to develop and change constantly as a society. through the introduction of the course we were introduced to the critical time of Rebirth from Erupes Midevel decade where we began to analyzing the major influences that had sparked the formation of a new modern and civilized society known as the Rennasance. -throughout the History of Erope from before 1400s, was period of an uncivilized Gothic society, known as the Medieval times, because of its classical way of life. The 14th century had soon put a gap between the to decades. - Renaissance is the movement that took place within the ideologies of humanism and individualism. Humanism , due to the fact that it placed the human at the center of the universe, resulted with a reform in art and arthitecture. A new interest in humanity, ordinary life, literature and painting helped the liberation of the society. This achievement broked up the dogmas of the church and gave opportunities to individuals and variety of forms and images. It can be also said that , it brought the classical values back which were nearly forgotten after the Gothic period. - which shortyley leads to the Rebirth of Europe as a cilvilzations who saught to rediscover Humanity, throught Knowledge and exploration. - The Rennisance that became the period known of Rebirth, brought upon an new idealogiy of humanism , and individualism. -the period of the rennaance had continued to spark the rebirth of Europe, as a society we also learned about the 16th century Known as the Boruque, which was and expansance of the rennasance -because of indivduals artist created -The ideology and culture of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras are reflected in the artwork from the eras, which had

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