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Full Text Choose any aspect of interest to you within the cultures we have studied. Next, select two or more cultures in which you would like to examine that topic. Write a research paper in which you compare the topic within two or more cultures. For example, you might choose to compare Greek and Indian moral philosophy. Conduct your research and post your well-written and carefully proofed paper, following the guidelines of the MLA Handbook and "Writing Expectations" in the syllabus. _______________________________________ King David of Ancient Israel | |Long before Christ was born, the ancient kingdom of Israel was ruled by a king called David | | |King David reigned for many years in Israel from his capital, Jerusalem. The City of David remains to this day and remains of the old buildings can | | |be seen. | | |The Golden Age of Israel | | |David, the son of Jesse and descendant of Ruth, became king of Israel after the death of the rebellious Saul, and thus began the golden age of | | |Israel. | | |This powerful king wisely governed the tribes of Israel, forging them into a united nation. God blessed this man to be a valiant soldier, a great | | |military strategist, an able administrator, a diplomat, a composer, a musician and king. | | |He

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