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Dixita Patel Lovers and fighter; all about men Mid-term essay November 9th 2012 Every men lives their life in a different manner, they face different situations, but some young men are caught up in the society they didn’t create they have to adapt in all situations to survive, for example in the documentary ‘’ Crips and Blood’’ it is about two famous gangs in the neighborhood of South Los Angeles, and in many article of ‘’Black men’’ facing racism and injustice. To survive they have to adopt ‘’tough pose’’ because of traditional norms for men, and also because of the role gender norms and stereotypes play in our perceptions of the world, and ourselves in addition of all relationship a men have with his friends and family. Traditional norm and rules for men in North America play a major role it can be positive for some and negative for some others for instance in the documentary it focus on the ‘’structural’’ racism created in some situations, with the exclusion of young African American boys from organizations and false promises from the government and the civic leaders to improve, these neighborhoods brings violence between both gangs. According to traditional norm men are adventurous and aggressive, it is their way to show their emotions that is why most of young men living in those environment are likely to join one of the gangs. Compare to black men, white men do have some privileges, for example in the text ‘’why most mass murderers are privileged white men’’ by Hugo Schwyzer we have discuss that ‘’white men kill simply because they are ‘’sick’’ or ‘’evil’’. When men of color murder, it is because they are both these things and because of factors uniquely attributable to their race’’ that is why most color men fell they are associated with each others plus young men are also looking for their own

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