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Humanities Essay

  • Submitted by: csheilah
  • on October 18, 2012
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Introduction to the Humanities Key Concepts Humanism is the study of the creative and intellectual contributions of all human cultures. It began in the early Renaissance with the study of Greek and Roman civilizations, which were extolled as the pinnacle of human achievement. Humanism operates from the conviction that one can master the art of being human only through the study of man’s creative and intellectual legacies. Myths are the traditional stories of a people or culture that serve to explain some natural phenomenon, the origin of humanity, or customs or religious rites. Beauty is an arrangement of elements that is pleasing to us. The arrangement might be (for example) in nature, a human face, a musical composition, a painting, or a poem. The pleasure that beauty inspires in humans is called aesthetic. Archetypes are the age-old models by which we comprehend human experience. They are the emblematic mythic characters, images, plot patterns, symbols, and buried assumptions shared across cultures. These models – for example, the Hero and the Journey – are transmitted from generation to generation through mythology and become part of our subconscious. We rely on archetypes to organize our understanding of ourselves, of humans generally, and of the universe. Aesthetic experience is an experience of beauty that inspires a feeling of pleasure which is its own justification. Style is the characteristics of a work of art that identify it with a particular artist, region, artistic movement, or historical period. In any artistic discipline, style is a distinctive manner of expression or characteristic handling of elements of form. TOPIC: The Disciplines The humanities are the creative and intellectual contributions of humankind. The disciplines of the humanities include the formal arts (visual art, music, literature, theater, cinema, dance, and architecture) and philosophy. Discipline Music Definition An artistic form of auditory expression that incorporates...

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