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Humanities 111 – Civilization Paper I watched the film 300 which was directed by Zack Snyder. It was released in 2006. Gerard Butler plays King Leonidas; Lena Headey plays Queen Gorgo and Rodrigo Santoro as King Xerxes. This film is set during the classical Greece era, in 480 BC when Sparta, a city-state of Greece, is threatened by the Persian army, lead by King Xerxes. I compared this film with my knowledge from class lectures of the Spartans, as well as Book 7 of Herodortus’ History. While King Xerxes continues to pursue, King Leonidas will not surrender. Though this film has very interesting graphic effects, and some parts of the plot are in line with what history says there are many aspects that seem overdone or false. This may be because this movie was adapted from a graphic novel, by Frank Miller. Based off the Battle of Thermopylae, this film opens with the accurate description of the rigorous training that young Spartan boys had to go through, in order to be trained at Spartan soldiers. This training started by the time they were seven years old. The film also described the way that the city-state of Sparta was able to choose whether or not they believed a new born baby boy would be physically strong enough to be a Spartan man, and if not, the baby would be thrown off the mountain of Exposure (Class lecture, HUM 111). The movie has King Leonidas approached by a messenger from Persia, stating that he needs to give up his city and give in to the Persians. Leonidas refuses, and kills the Persian messengers. He then asks the Spartan Oracle what he should do, and she has a premonition that he shouldn’t go into battle with the Persians. Leonidas does anyway, taking his three hundred men and going after the Persian army of over 100,000. A disgruntled reject of the Persian army then gives the Persians a way to sneak up on the Spartans, and the Spartan army is

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