Humanitarian Comparison nd Goals and Critera

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Humanitarians like Greg Mortenson spend much of their life dedicated to serving others. In his memoir, Three Cups of Tea, Mortensen begins his journey in memory of his late sister, but comes to find what he will dedicate the rest of his life to. Set in several countries in the Middle East, Mortenson story illustrates the fact that with little time and energy and serious devotion to the cause we can help others less fortunate than ourselves. Mortenson focuses on the education of the underprivileged, especially girls; which in the stricter sects of the Muslim religion is looked down upon. Throughout the book Mortenson runs into several obstacles while dealing with people unlike anybody he has ever met. To complete many of the schools Mortenson must adpt to the different cultures he is presented with. Language barriers, religious customs and family traditions are just some of the difficulties he encounters. But like many humanitarians before him, Mortensen overcomes these complications and accomplishes his goals. Madeleine Sophie Barat dedicated most of her life to serving her community, but more specifically the education of young women. In the 19th century the education of girls was illegal in most parts of Europe. But Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart anyway because she felt so compassionate for these girls who were not given the chance of knowledge. Both Mortensen and Madeleine Sophie Barat devoted their lives to the serving their community by focusing on what their passions were and achieving progress in order to make things better. When Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart she instilled upon all those who entered a strong sense of faith in God. Along with that came many other goals and criteria upon which future Sacred Heart Schools would be founded. The first Goal states “Schools of the Sacred Heart
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